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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

History - Finding the right house

We bought our house in the Autumn of 2007 - we'd sold our old house in 2005 and moved to a rented house so that we could take our time to find the right house for us. I had dreams of building my own house - but a few months of searching for affordable building plots in our area of the UK (about 30 miles West of London) brought that dream to a screeching halt. So the next best thing was to buy a house we could improve and extend.

The house we ended up buying didn't seem that great the first time I looked at it - I didn't even bother to arrange a viewing, as the garden was rather small, and we really wanted a large garden for our children to play in, and for us to garden in. The house went off the market as sold, but a few months later came back on after the sale fell through. I took another look and realised there was a park close by the house, so there would be somewhere for the kids to play. And it was only half a mile from our allotment we had recently taken over, so now the smallish garden wasn't such a problem.

And there looked like a good opportunity to extend. A double garage joined to one side of the house, with a yard behind it. So we booked a viewing, and started to get excited about the house. I found a local guy who could draw plans for the extension, and brought him over to have a look and comment on if there would be any planning issues. No problems he said. So we made an offer, and after a short negotiation agreed a good price on the house (the vendors had put an offer on their retirement home down in Minehead and were eager to move). I took most of October off work, and whilst my wife and children stayed in the rented house, I together with a motley crew of family and friends did a light refurbishment of the existing house, bringing it into the 21st century - and smartened it up.

We moved in on Halloween. And had a lovely trick-or-treat free night in our new house! We were happy!


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