Extension Diary

Friday, 1 May 2009

Foundations in place

The building inspector's visit passed on Wednesday without any bombshells - just said that he wanted the existing concrete path dug up where the kitchen floor is going - I think Phil was hoping he wasn't going to have to lift it.
No work on Thursday as Phil was off as an NVQ course assessor, but another skip of mud was removed, and quickly replaced with everything needed for the foundation's concrete and blockwork.

On Friday, Phil and Merrick returned with their concrete mixer and got mixing. After a few hours of hard work they'd filled the trenches with concrete.

And the final touch, added by Merrick was some nice flowers set in the concrete. A Polish tradition apparently! (the other part of which apparently involves drinking large amounts of Vodka). Not too much hopefully as they're meant to be back tomorrow to lay the blockwork!


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