Extension Diary

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The bricks arrive!

Finally, the bricks arrive - they should have been delivered on Friday, but for some reason were delayed by a few days. In the meantime the blockwork got built up to the first floor level. We had to move the kitchen window slightly, as it had been placed a bit too close to the corner to allow a kitchen wall corner unit to fit.
So today we had three brickies working hard all day laying the exterior brick work. Not too sure about the colour match with the existing brick work and mortar - I need to talk to Phil about this tomorrow, but hopefully it will improve over time!

In other news - we paid our first installment of the build costs as we'd reached DPC level. The next installment is due when up to first floor, so probably not too long!

We've been busy deciding what kitchen we want to put in. Had a quote from Wickes for their Calgary range which came in just under £9K, including appliances and laminate worktops - and that includes a good discount from list price of over £14K. Also looking at kitchens from nationalkitchens.co.uk who seem to be well recommended on a number of internet forums. The price of their kitchen units is comparable to Wickes, but I think look to be better quality. And we'll get Howdens to give us a quote too, and see how the land lies.
And also been getting quotes for a solar hot water system - panels and a thermal store. The first quote I got was a little more than I was expecting, but I've got a few more quotes in the pipeline, so maybe it might not be so bad - we'll see!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More walls

Two more days of good progress - the concrete paths inside the extension were removed, and the floor filled with scalping and sand, and then covered with the DPM. And today Phil started on the blockwork on the inside of our kitchen - so I had to do a quick bit of kitchen design last night to confirm the exact position of doors and windows - making sure they wouldn't interfere with the positioning of our kitchen furniture.

In the garage, a large 1m x 1m x 1m hole has appeared (after a lot of hard work from Merrick). Unfortunately he didn't find any oil (or buried treasure), so it will be filled with concrete to form the base of a pier which will support the steelwork supporting the new bedroom above the garage.

The building inspector visited today, and is happy with progress.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Starting the walls

Phil and Merrick returned on Saturday morning (none the worse the wear from the Vodka the night before!) and spent the day starting to build the wall of our new kitchen on the foundations they had laid on Friday. We spent the weekend down in Cornwall, but were pleased to see a nice little wall (up to the damp course level) in place when we returned on Sunday.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Foundations in place

The building inspector's visit passed on Wednesday without any bombshells - just said that he wanted the existing concrete path dug up where the kitchen floor is going - I think Phil was hoping he wasn't going to have to lift it.
No work on Thursday as Phil was off as an NVQ course assessor, but another skip of mud was removed, and quickly replaced with everything needed for the foundation's concrete and blockwork.

On Friday, Phil and Merrick returned with their concrete mixer and got mixing. After a few hours of hard work they'd filled the trenches with concrete.

And the final touch, added by Merrick was some nice flowers set in the concrete. A Polish tradition apparently! (the other part of which apparently involves drinking large amounts of Vodka). Not too much hopefully as they're meant to be back tomorrow to lay the blockwork!